We Make the Process of Finding a Vehicle Easy

How it works

Simple…we will help you expedite the entire financing process and get you the best interest rates possible. By now, you already know where banks stand when it comes to lending. No matter how big or powerful your bank is, they are usually unwilling to help you if your credit is less than perfect.

To complicate things even more, most dealerships offer limited options when it comes to securing the “best” finance program for people with poor or bad credit.

Luckily, we can help you overcome these restrictions by partnering with various accredited lenders who provide options for people with poor credit. We have been able to help many Canadians become proud owners of new vehicles that fit both their situation and their budget.

Using Free Auto Credit will expedite the lending process by eliminating the many complicated forms and questionnaires you see on other online web sites. We personalize our service with every client to ensure security and transparency. The only details we require are those that we need to obtain a loan approval for you.

These details usually include your location and time at residence and your current employer. Armed with this information, we can go to work to get you the best vehicle, and the best financing terms and interest rates.

No, we process loans ranging from $3500.00 to $100,000.00. The loan amount is usually determined by the year and type of vehicle you want to purchase. Usually, your pre-approved amount will be determined by our finance partners looking at several factors including your credit circumstances and the current market value of the vehicle. Once these details are assessed you will be pre-approved to purchase any vehicle that is within this budget.

You can complete our application in less than three minutes. We will contact you immediately after we receive your application, then submit to our lending group minutes after. In most cases the entire approval process will be less than 24 hours.

We offer flexible financing terms that are provided by our lenders and coincide with current Bank of Canada lending rates. Conditions for approval are unique to each application and will depend on your credit score and history.

You can learn about our terms and conditions by following this link. You can also find out about our privacy information here.


No we don’t. Our office is not really that of a loan broker, rather we help connect people with bad credits to various dealerships who are able to provide them with the financial aid they need to purchase a car.

We do not handle any aspect of the financing. This part is exclusively taken care of by the partner we connect you with.

Yes it is. However, you still need to check in with the company providing you the finance just to be sure.

Since the credit bureau is usually informed about all vehicle purchase in the country, it’s not impossible to restore a bad credit, especially when you keep to your payment schedule.

You can find our headquarters in 6740 Johnstone Drive Red Deer, AB Canada T4P3Y2. However, we work with hundreds of dealerships located across the country.

We cover almost every part of Western Canada. Regardless of your area or Province, there’s a huge probability you will find one or two of our partners nearby.

In an effort to make things as easy as possible for our customers, we gladly accept trade-ins when offered. In fact, in many cases, we have used it as a down payment for some people in order to reduce their monthly payments.

It is still possible to get approval through us even after being turned down, though the options are not usually much.

The first thing we normally do is to connect you with a partner in your location that can evaluate your chances for approval. This way, you don’t have to look too far for a dealer who has no guarantee of getting you approved.

After determining your options, our finance partner will then contact you to brief you on the chances you have. Based on the information you’re provided with, it will now be left to you to decide whether you want to proceed with buying the vehicle or not.


We do not have any requirements that stop any person from approaching us for help in getting an auto loan.

We accept applications from everyone regardless of their credit status as long as they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. We also require all applicants to belong to the age of majority in the province where they are currently living.

Yes, this will be required as part of your application and has to be done before you can be granted approval. The credit check we do is considered a “soft hit, and it will not affect your current credit rating.

Simple-you can opt out…no strings attached.

When you apply with us, you are not obliged to purchase a vehicle. After our partners work out your options, it is up to you to decide whether you want to go for it or not.

We don’t hold you to make any purchase and perhaps our application is FREE.


While we don’t always ask our customers for a down payment, we often encourage them to make one if it’s possible. This way they will be able to pay a smaller monthly payment, reduce overall interest charges, and also off the loan quicker.

Of course you can go through the whole process without ever needing a co-signer. However, this usually depends on the information we gather from your entire application.

We neither charge you for your applying with us or matching you with the right partner. Like we mentioned earlier, application and enquiry are all FREE and you are not obligated to purchase a vehicle. In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose but and everything to gain!

Sure, we do assist people with financial conditions of insolvency.

As mentioned earlier, we have partners who offer special financing programs to people with poor or no credit, including those in bankruptcy.

It may a little longer for some people in bankruptcy to acquire a vehicle because chartered banks and other lenders often ask for additional information. We will fight hard to provide you with options that are tailored to fit both your budget and your requirements.

Vehicles and Payment Details

Our inventory include all vehicle types, ranging from SUVs, small cars, and especially Trucks. Once we determine the vehicle type and price point, we will present you with various options including year, make, model and trim level.

Yes. We have 250 – 300 pre-owned vehicles in stock at any time, and can source any new vehicle you may be looking for.


We will be happy to provide you with pricing determined by our current inventory, or prices based on current fair market value. Our job is to connect you with the right financing package based on the information you provide us with, then go to work to find you the exact vehicle you are looking for. Our inventory changes daily, but we always have 250 – 300 premium used vehicles for you to browse.

Interest rates are determined by our lending partners. We will be happy to advise you on current interest rate trends upon request. Since we do not provide the loan, we can’t determine the exact interest rates as there is other factors that may come into play. Interest rates fluctuate based on the the Bank of Canada Prime rates, and subsequent rates offered by lenders based on your individual credit profile. We also know that interest rates for specific loans are usually influenced by several factors including the nature of the approval and the total amount you are looking to borrow.

The services we offer are 100% free and secure and we are here to help make getting approved for an auto loan as easy as possible.                                                                                                If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team at
Toll-Free: 1 833 309 3733
Local: 403 309 3733

You will always hear back from us within 24 hours, or up to 48 hours if your application was received on the weekend or a holiday.                                                                                                       We always make sure to follow up regularily and keep you up-to-date with the status of your loan application.